Spelt wholemeal bread roll

Article number : 1012010

Healthy and tasty - because only whole wheat contains all nutrients. Nutritious spelt flakes and sunflower seeds ensure the special taste of the spelt wholemeal roll.

Cooking time: 8 minutes

Weight per piece : 70 Gramm
Packaging unit : large box
  • High whole grain share
  • Fiber
  • Vegetarian
Nutritional values
energy 285.00 kcal
energy 1,200.00 kJ
fat 7.50 g
   saturated fatty acids 1.10 g
carbohydrates 41.40 g
   of this sugar 2.20 g
dietary fibre 6.00 g
protein 13.30 g
salt 1.10 g
Edible nuts Contains traces
Contains gluten Included
Milk Included
Sesame seeds Included
Soya Contains traces