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Resch&Frisch Management-Team

Management Team
From left to right: Georg Resch, DI (FH) Bernhard Prechtl, Wolfgang Friessnegg, Mag. Sabine Schgör, Josef Resch, Gerhard Leimer, Kai Peter Höller

Resch&Frisch Holding GmbH

Josef Resch

Josef Resch

Proprietor and Holding Managing Director

The company functions as a holding organisation for the Resch&Frisch-Gruppe with 11 legally independent subsidiaries.

Responsible for

  • Complete company management
  • Strategies/Projects
  • Brand Copyright & Press
  • Franchise & Licensing
  • Participation  Administration
  • Personnel administration and development
  • Information and communication technology
  • Controlling and company development
  • Quality assurance and product development
  • Agrarian services with regard to our "Enjoyment - with assurance" certificate
Georg Resch

Georg Resch

Authorized officer

Mr. Resch jun. has already familiarized himself with the work being done in many business areas over the last few years (production, accounting, cold storage, retail sector). Mr. Resch jun. is to take over important tasks in the catering area from spring 2015.

  • Further development and implementation of the sales strategy
  • Interface functions for all central departments
  • Market research as well as strategic and operative market development and product range design 

Resch&Frisch Immobilien GmbH & Co KG

Johanna Resch, Resch&Frisch Immobilien GmbH & Co KG

Johanna Resch

Authorized officer

The company is responsible for the operation, administration and the development of real estate. 78 locations are managed domestically and abroad.

Resch&Frisch Holding GmbH

Sabine Schgör

Mag. Sabine Schgör

Management Division MSQM
Marketing and company communication
Product range and quality management

Responsible for

  • Strategic and operative marketing in all markets
  • Marketing projects
  • Social Media and New Media
  • Company communication
  • Events and Sponsoring
  • Product range and nutrition management
  • Product development and engineering
  • Quality management/laboratory
Katrin Bointner

Mag. Katrin Bointner

Management Division Personnel Resources

Responsible for the management of personnel with the following tasks:

  • Recruiting
  • Personnel development
  • Career planning
  • Personnel marketing
  • Structure Training workshop
  • Personnel controlling
  • Personnel administration and accounting
  • Labour law
  • Management standards
  • Communications and HR committees 

Resch&Frisch Gastrovertriebs GmbH

Georg Resch

Georg Resch

Managing Director Division Gastronomy

The enterprise is active in the market segments of catering, hotels and instant consumption in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Other activities are undertaken in the neighbouring countries of Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg.

Resch&Frisch Gastro GmbH (Germany) has its head office in Munich - Forstinning and 12 establishments in the federal territory of Germany also come under their area of responsibility.

Resch&Frisch Gastro Italia s.r.l. GmbH with head office in Bozen now has 3 sales units in Italy. Trentino - South Tirol, Friaul and Venezia with head office in Vicenza.

Resch&Frisch Back's Zuhause GmbH

Kai Peter Höller

Kai Peter Höller

Managing Director Division Bake it at home

The enterprise operates in the end user market by means of a home delivery service across the whole of Austria.

The Resch&Frisch Backs Zuhause Vertriebs GmbH subsidiary has its head office in Munich - Forstinning as well as an establishment in Regensburg which operates in the South German area. The Resch&Frisch Akquise GmbH is responsible for market development and customer acquisition.

Resch&Frisch Einzelhandels GmbH

Wolfgang Frießnegg

Wolfgang Friessnegg

Managing Director Division Retail

The enterprise operates in the central area of Upper Austria and in Salzburg in the end user branch sector and has 37 fixed branch locations. These are operated on a bakery – patisserie – café concept and offer a total of 1,600 seats.

In addition, numerous industrial companies and industrial concerns are supplied by means of mobile sales vehicles. In many cases customers are also dealers and traders in the region.

Resch&Frisch Production / Service GmbH

Bernhard Prechtl

DI (FH) Bernhard Prechtl

Divisional Management, Production and Supply

Responsible for:

Production of the entire Resch&Frisch product range

  • 2 production facilities in Wels 
  • Development of a third production site in Gunskirchen/Wels

The entire procurement process (purchasing), supply chain management, all technical concerns

  • purchasing of raw materials, durable and consumer goods, packaging material, capital goods, machines and facilities, vehicles
  • fleet management
  • equipment and refrigeration technology, production facility maintenance
  • supply chain management, logistics
  • central cold storage, central dry storage

Resch&Frisch Dienste GmbH

Gerhard Leimer

Gerhard Leimer, MSc.

Managing Director Division Services

The company is responsible at Resch&Frisch for administration, commercial and information technology services, such as

  • Book keeping
  • Treasuring
  • Insurance and risk
  • Mobile Administration
  • Balancing of accounts
  • Commercial internationalization projects