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The first Resch&Frisch store “Liebesbrot” was opened in April. The new store concept in Leonding on the Meixnerkreuzung prepared a number of special features - true to the motto “More than a bakery”.


In April 2015 the "Jausnerei" was opened in the industrial area of Wels, and shortly thereafter the 1. distribution centre for the catering trade in Italy (Vicenza, near Verona).

In July Resch&Frisch took over 6 branches of the former bakery "Ring" and created a further 60 jobs in Upper Austria and Salzburg.


90 years of Resch&Frisch will be celebrated with the biggest lottery of the company history, a grand employee party and a outing into the country for top customers from the catering and hotel business: highlights as Andreas Gabalier, the Poxrucker Sisters and renowned gourmet chefs with the picturesque scenery of Schloss Grafenegg as a backdrop (see event video).

Resch&Frisch founds the Association of Austrian Baking Culture together with the Federal Association of the Catering Trade. Just as the role models of wine and cheese, the ‘basic foodstuffs’ of bread and pastries are to be established as delicatessen together with the apprenticeship as bread specialist. 


Takeover of the former associate company Flöckner in Salzburg with about 260 employees.


Opening of the 1. "Back’s Zuhause" outlet in Germany (Regensburg).


The most modern production facility in Austria in our industry is established as a result of the expansion of production and storage in the Uhlandstrasse in Wels. The project is named "Bonsai" - as the Japanese bonsay tree represents the resilience and deep roots.


As the first bakery active in Austria, Resch&Frisch receives the AMA-quality seal. 


Introduction of the gluten free range for house deliveries - the response is overwhelming.


Josef Resch assumed control of the company from his brothers Paul und Peter Resch and his mother Hertha Resch as sole proprietor and Managing Director of all of the company’s divisions.


Launch of the quality assurance system "Enjoyment - with assurance". The Resch&Frisch natural products grown by our farmers under contract are traceable back to the seed material and controlled throughout the process.


The start of the successful "Back’s Zuhause" concept: The house deliveries of frozen bakery products and the original Back’s Ofen® now provides Resch&Frisch enjoyment for the private household.


Start-up of Resch&Frisch in Germany, with an own distribution service in Munich and the bakery "Vielhaber" as a franchise partner.


Resch&Frisch becomes a franchise system with the 1. franchise partner "Naturbäckerei Scheider" from Obervellach in Carinthia.


The birth of the Resch&Frisch catering system: an ingenious system of frozen, up to 80% finished bakery products, a deep freezer and a special oven to complete the baking process. The 1. customer to profit is the Gösserbräu in Wels: That is where the Resch brothers had the idea at their regular table - after not being very happy with the bread delivered hours before and that was not very fresh any more.

Many landlords in the area recognize the advantages of the system and as a result demand for frozen bakery products is soon enormous.


Josef Resch sen. opened the 1. branch at Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Wels, laying the foundation for the further expansion of the branch network in Wels, Marchtrenk and Linz in the following years.


The bakery Resch receives a completely modern flour-silo installation as one of the first Austrian bakery enterprises. At the same time a VW box car type T1 is put into operation as the third delivery vehicle.


Josef and Hertha Resch build a new building in Schloßstraße 15 in Wels, consisting of a small bakery and the apartment of the family.


Peter Resch, the grandfather of the current owner Josef Resch founds a ‘one-man bakery’ in Wels-Pernau. Quality is foremost even then - along with commitment, innovation and service being the corner stones of the company philosophy.