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Frequently asked questions

Wo ist Resch&Frisch für die Gastronomie überall erhältlich?
Wo findet man die Nährwerte zu den Resch&Frisch-Produkten für die Gastronomie?
Ich möchte nähere Details zu den Zutaten in den Resch&Frisch-Produkten erhalten - an wen kann ich mich wenden?
Can I buy an original Resch&Frisch gastronomic oven?

No, the oven is only available to all Resch&Frisch gastro customers. There are no service or investment costs associated with this unit.

How many pieces of bakery products fit into an original Resch&Frisch gastronomic ofen?

A full oven (3 racks) should contain approx. 30 classic baking products, and up to 60 mini pieces for baking completion.

Is it possible to bake the Resch&Frisch products in a standard convectomat?

Basically this is possible.


However, the original Resch&Frisch gastronomic oven offers you considerable advantages when compared with the standard convectomat: This was developed especially for Resch&Frisch and is tuned specially for the products. Only in this way can guarantee you the best product quality possible. Leaving aside the qualitative aspects, economic considerations must also come into play (this uses a much lower power consumption than a convectomat), whilst the ease of handling and application of the Resch&Frisch oven are also something which must be taken into account.

How fast can Resch&Frisch products be baked?

The baking times for Resch&Frisch products are between 3 to 15 minutes, and each product has its own ideal baking time. All of the exact baking times are listed in the Baking times list.