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Our competent advice

Bild Rat und Tat

Our excellently trained field representatives stand by you in word and deed! They are your contact partners for all questions regarding our products, providing you with regular information about new and seasonal products, and are only too glad to support you in drawing up a sales concept for selling our products to your guests.

Personal ordering service

Frau mit Headset

Don't call us - we'll call you! Once every week. Your order is taken by us via the telephone, and you can profit from information about new or seasonal products. You don't get charged for the call, and it's a great way to remember to order!



Special equipment included

Original Back's Ofen

Ovens as well as deep-freeze refrigerators which are easy to use and provide for optimum storage and preparation of the products. Technical problems are solved promptly and reliably, and there are no service or repair charges!

Weekly deliveries


Get happy about our weekly delivery service which provides you with the products you've ordered right into your Resch&Frisch deep freeze! And exactly on the agreed delivery date. With this service we make sure that there is no interruption in the freezing process and we can meet your immediate storage demands.

Baking on demand

Gastroofen Resch&Frisch

By baking your fresh pastries as and when you need them, not only do you become able to offer your guests oven-fresh quality at any time of the day or night, you also become able to iptimize your calculation. After all: You will have no returned goods or surplus!

Innovation with tradition


Since 1924, only the finest pastries have left our bakery and patesserie. Now as then, many of our delicacies are made lovingly by hand.