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Knowing where it comes from

300 Farmers - one mission!

The mission is to grow the best natural resources for the Resch&Frisch delicacies without gene technology, monitored and traceable without any gaps from the seed to the basket.

Every field, silo and mill is registered in our database.

The fields - recognizable at first glance.

Gernot Magrutsch from Waidendorf, Resch&Frisch farmer under contract

Knowing what is inside.
Manuela and Jürgen Mandl from Velm-Götzendorf,
Resch&Frisch farmers under contract and parents of a small daughter

“We also want to know exactly what we are given our little ones to eat. At Resch&Frisch we can rest assured. After all we ourselves are growing grain for Resch&Frisch in our fields.”

Trust is good ...

“...control is better. As a result the strict requirements regarding rotating crops and quality regularly checked by Resch&Frisch and from independent control centres.”

Perfect bakery products starts with the seed material.
Sissy Zechner from Saatzucht Edelhof im Waldviertel,
long-serving partner of Resch&Frisch

“The right seed material is the basis for the production of the high quality bakery products in the Resch&Frisch bakery. I focus on healthy plant breeding and the perfect baking properties of the grain.”

Our flour is a cuvée.
Lukas Knoll, BSc (WU), Knollmühle, long-serving partner of Resch&Frisch

“The grain is milled to flour in our mill according to variety. The various varieties of flours are mixed by the bakery into the ‘cuvee flour’ required, a mixture of two wheat, rye or spelt varieties. The result is our flour which has perfect and consistent baking properties.”

Excellent! AMA quality seal

The first baker operating throughout Austria to be awarded the prestigious AMA quality seal in 2009 for excellent quality, accountable origin and independent control.


Other certifications: