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Our company values


We have been a specialist company supplying bakery products since 1924. These range from classic bakery products and bread to dietary products.

Resch&Frisch Werte


We are always a step ahead of our competitors. We are revolutionizing the bakery products market with new business ideas, products and services by continual development that are superior to those of our competitors.

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Regional roots

We feel a commitment to our region. As one of the largest employers in the region we are conscious of our social responsibilities. Our natural products are sourced from 350 Austrian farmers under contract with whom we maintain a close and trusting business relationship.

Resch&Frisch Werte


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our quality management system ‘Enjoyment - with assurance’ guarantees absolute safety of production and without gene technology in raw materials with transparent production processes which are subject to constant quality controls.

Resch&Frisch Werte


Our company culture is influenced by our relationships with our partners. Mutual respect and fairness characterizes the close cooperation with our suppliers and partners.

Resch&Frisch Werte


Our fervent commitment, ambition and passion drives our company forward in the achievement of growth and profitability while raising the value of our company in the long term.

Resch&Frisch Werte


Well considered solutions and simple procedures provide added value for our customers. Everything we do serves to excite our target market with the best possible solution.