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Resch&Frisch Company data at a glance


Proprietor and Managing Director
Josef Resch and Georg Resch 

Contact Persons Press
Mag. Sabine Schgör


Tel.: +43/7242/2005-0
Fax.: +43/7242/2005-211
E-Mail: office@resch-frisch.at


Commercial Register Number: 264685 v

Commercial Register Court: District Court of Wels

UID Number: ATU 61839826

GLN Company Identification Number: 9006366000006


Total turnover 2018
€ 152,7 (+7%)


Total employee count
1.700 (31.12.2018)


The Resch&Frisch group of companies is a member of numerous associations and federations. These are, amongst others:

  • The Austrian Chamber of Commerce in several sectors, including:
    • Bakery trade
    • Confectionary
    • Coffee - confectioner - catering business
    • Commercial enterprise
    • Retail and wholesale trade
    • International goods transportation
    • Management consultation
    • Advertising and marketing communication
    • Bakery equipment manufacture as mechatronic manufacturing operation
  • Industrial Association of Austria, IV State Group of Upper Austria
  • Associate member of numerous schools and training institutes (regional and international)
  • German Commercial and Industrial Chamber in the relevant regional associations
  • Camera di commercio industria, artigianato e agricoltura di Bolzana

Resch&Frisch operate in the core markets in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Additional activities are in Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Business division "Holding"

Picture Holding
  • Specialist departments
    • Trade mark rights & press
    • marketing & promotion
    • Personnel administration and accounting
    • Product development
    • Quality assurance
    • Agrarian services with regard to our ‘Enjoyment - with assurance’ certificate

  • Cooperation with currently 5 local and foreign production companies based on supplier partnership.

Business division "Real estate"

Picture real estate Resch&Frisch
  • Real estate management
  • Public authorities management
  • Site development, energy management

Business division "Gastronomy"

Geschäftsbereich Gastronomie
  • 17.000 gastronomy customers in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are supplied by Resch&Frisch (Market leader in Austria)
  • 28 sales units with more than 100 deep-freeze vehicles in Austria, Germany and Italy
  • 267 products and 26 seasonal products (bread & baked goods, pizza & snacks, pastries & confectioner’s goods, bio assortment)

Business division "Back it at home"

Picture Delivery driver
  • 165.000 Austrian and South German area households are supplied with reschen&frischen bakery products from 76 deep-freeze vehicles every month
  • 7 branch offices in Austria and one in Germany (Regensburg)
  • 140 products and several seasonal products (bread & baked goods, pizza & snacks, pastries & confectioner goods, bio assortment)

Business division "Retail in Upper Austria"

Picture Drive in Pernau
  • 23 own bakery-café branches in the larger region Upper Austria
  • 7 mobile branches for company supply and private households
  • 400 products and 150 seasonal products (bread & baked goods, pastries & confectioners goods, snacks, gluten free products, coffee specialities, small lunch dishes)

Business division "Retail in Salzburg"

Einzelhandel Salzburg
  • 10 own bakery-café branches in Salzburg city
  • 3 mobile branches for company supply and private households
  • 400 products and 150 seasonal products (bread & baked goods, pastries & confectioners goods, snacks, gluten free products, coffee specialities)
  • Small bakery for supplying mobile branches and trade customers

Business division "Service"

Picture Service Resch&Frisch


Responsible for the purchase or the entire procurement, trans-regional logistics, supply chain management as well as for all technical requirements and the operation of production facilities in the Resch&Frisch company association.

Specialist services include:

  • Purchase of raw materials, consumer goods and durables, packaging materials, investment goods, machines and plants, vehicles and services
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Vehicle workshop
  • Central machine technology
  • Production plant maintenance
  • Cold storage technology
  • Logistics
  • International deep-freeze transports
  • Central deep-freeze storage
  • Dry central storage depot
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Central storage of technical spare parts

Business division "Production"

Picture Production
  • Is responsible for the production of the entire Resch&Frisch product range.
  • The two production sites in Wels, Upper Austria operate the following production units:
    • Craft bakery
    • Patisserie
    • Confectioners
    • Bakery production line
    • Pizza and snack line production
    • Diet bakery product for gluten-free bakery products
  • Cooperation with the 5 current inland and foreign production companies on a supply partnership basis.

Quality Assurance

logo consumption with safety


Unique quality assurance system "Pleasure – with safety!" guarantees controlled, transparent and traceable production process from the cultivation of the raw material up to the finished baking product.

  • Regionality: 350 Austrian farmers cultivate wheat, rye, spelt, pumpkin seeds, seeds and spices. The farmers are partners and subject themselves to strict quality criteria.
  • Transparency: Every field, every silo, every mill and every production site is registered in a database. The exact path of a product can thus be reconstructed anytime.
  • Gapless control: Every raw material delivery is examined to the fulfilment of the strict quality criteria to 100 percent.
  • Seeds without genetic engineering: Monitored by the Federal Office for Nutritional Safety.
  • No mixing: The grain are sorted in pure types and separately in grain silos and only ground in selected mills – thus excluding mixing with contaminated flour or flour that was genetically engineered.
  • Approximately 350 farmers in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Carinthia and Styria are included.



AMA-Quality seal

logo AMA quality seal
  • Resch&Frisch carries the AMA-quality seal since September 2009.
  • Grain for the flour is 100% Austrian cultivation.
  • All processing steps are conducted within the country.
  • Production sites are subjected to Top-Hygienic-Standards.
  • Usage of colorants, aromas and preservatives is prohibited
  • Products are subjected to sensory testing in every quarter. (Visual appearance, taste,...)

Business division "Services"

Picture Services R&F

Responsible for commercial and information technology requirements in the Resch&Frisch administrative association, such as

  • Book keeping
  • Treasuring