Welcome to the world of baked goods for the gastronomy!


Gast_isst_gebaeckThe best for your guest – oven fresh, round-the-clock with Resch&Frisch! 

Put your trust in quality: With deep-frozen bakery products, manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship and without the use of preservatives, ready in a matter of seconds for your guests.


Success with a System:


Marvellous cakes, finely-created sweet delights and piquant snacks can be served promptly when required, thanks to their short baking times. In addition, we offer our oven-fresh cakes and pastries in a comprehensive service system: Ovens which are perfectly co-ordinated to the products, and deep-freeze units which we can supply you with, as well as a telephone ordering service with competent consultation by our trained field service team, and a weekly delivery, direct to your deep-freeze.

We place particularly high value on quality and safety, and this is certified by our quality assurance programme: "Consumption - with safety". In addition, the Austrian AMA Stamp of Quality for tested quality and our organic symbol underpin something we have supported for many years!

More about the Resch&Frisch System and our service range can be found under the heading “How to increase sales”.

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