Data Protection

Privacy Policy
It is in the interests of our company to guarantee the protection of your private data and to respect your privacy.
All information which you provide is done so on a voluntary basis and is treated strictly confidentially. Your data will only be accessed in order to provide you with services related to the sending of information regarding our products, services, competitions and special actions. The information is stored by Resch&Frisch, and will be administered, processed and transmitted if necessary to the responsible areas within the Resch&Frisch company group. Passing this information to third parties beyond this company group is strictly forbidden.

Legal Notice
All contributions appearing on the Resch&Frisch homepage are protected by copyright. All rights, in particular the rights of publication, duplication and processing, including translations, are reserved. All utilisation, such as publication, treatment or reproduction, no matter of what type, whether photocopied or captured on CD-ROM, may only occur with previous written approval from the Resch&Frisch Franchise GmbH.


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