7 steps to pleasure

Level 1: Seed breeding

Quality starts with plant breeding and variety development.
Only high quality seeds also guarantee high quality harvest goods. Ideal variety quality is the basis for high quality baking quality.

In cooperation with Crop Control only selected grain types like

  • Antonius,
  • Lukullus,
  • Granat,
  • Brasetto
  • Ebners Rotkorn are used.

DI Karl Fischer, Seed breeder 
Saatbau Linz

"Resch&Frisch only uses selected grain types of Saatbau Linz. All grain types are guaranteed GM-free and monitored."

Level 2: Cultivation

Approximately 315  farmers in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Carinthia and Styria cultivate wheat, rye, spelt, pumpkin seeds and spices on a total of approx. 2.500 ha of selected cultivation area.

The farmers agree to record the contract cultivation, and the crops are controlled regularly.

Franz Berger, Farmer, Bad Schallerbach

"Our fields are labelled with the Resch&Frisch plaque."


Level 3: Grain trade

The harvest is delivered to certified partner grain storage site in cleaned transport means.
The delivery is documented and the quality is checked by samples in laboratories.

Ernst Mairinger, Storage
Wels Mitte

"Transport and storage for Resch&Frisch is done separated by types. 8 contract storage sites guarantee thorough cleaning and gapless documentation and sampling."

Level 4: Mill

Upon delivery of the grain, samples are taken and analysed in laboratories by experienced food technician.

The stored grain is milled separated in types. The regular flour analyses guarantee consistent flour and product quality in the long run.

Ing. Walter Arnreiter, Miller,
Arnreiter Mill Wallern

"Sampling and quality control upon delivery guarantee that only best flour quality with ideal baking characteristics is used in the bakery."

Level 5: Bakery

The high quality baking products with "history tree" are produced in gentle treatment and processing. The raw materials are GM-free.

Consumption - with safety! Raw materials are used successfully in the bakery since 2003.

Josef Resch, Manager

Bakery Resch&Frisch Wels

"High quality raw materials are used to make high quality baked products. The nutritious vitamins and raw materials are spared by the gentle treatment of all raw materials."

Level 6: Sales

The Consumption - with safety! quality seal guarantees safe and high quality products in the long run. This way we provide a “safe” additional benefit for our customers.

Renate Mattusch, Branch office Manager
Resch&Frisch, Kaiser-Josef-Platz Wels

"Resch&Frisch has particularly strict criteria for consistent high quality."

Level 7: Consumer

The guests of gastronomy and the hotel sector as well as our “Bake it at home” customers have been enjoying the safety of high quality baking goods made in gentle production, along with the good taste since 2004.

  • Regionality – from our farmers
  • Traceability
  • Gapless control
  • GM-free
  • Guaranteed from Austria

Bernadette Hinterdorfer, Student

Technical College Wieselburg

"When buying food I pay attention that the raw materials of the products are regional and that they are made in sparing production so that all vitamins and minerals are saved."

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