Consumption - with safety

The comprehensive protection system "Consumption - with safety!" guarantees a transparent, controlled and traceable process. From the cultivation of the grain to the production of our high quality baking products. This is our guarantee! 

Step 1

Seed Breeding

Every grain is different. At Resch&Frisch only flour from selected grain types are used. All of these are controlled and guaranteed free from genetic engineering.

Step 2

Cultivation in the field

Over 300 select Austrian farmers guarantee high-quality grain cultivation. And there's definitely no way of cheating because control testing is a constant feature.

Step 3

Cereals Trading

Strict quality criteria with regard to storage and transport are a mandatory provision. This assures that "Consumption – with safety!“ with regard to the grain is a secure factor as it can always be traced to source.

Step 4


The highest possible quality standards apply at the five contract mills. Controls at the delivery stage, separate storage and single-sort milling all guarantee the best possible flour quality with optimum baking characteristics.

Step 5


Premium quality cakes are created from high-quality raw materials. The careful processing of these raw materials, valuable vitamins and minerals keeps them fresh without the use of preservatives!

Step 6


Whether in good restaurants, Resch&Frisch branches or the enjoyment provided by the Resch&Frisch home delivery service – all our products are produced according to strict criteria to guarantee constant, high-quality standards.

Step 7

The Consumer

All of Resch&Frisch's customers and guests enjoy, as well as good taste, the security of knowing that they are enjoying high-quality and carefully made cakes and pastries.

Our System

We have been guaranteeing "'Consumption - with safety!" for more than 10 years.

This way we ensure a transparent, controlled and traceable process from cultivation all the way to the production of our high quality baking products. Our comprehensive eGmS database ensures gapless tracking from delivery to the flour.

The ensuring of high quality grain types, traceability and transparency in all production areas and their strict monitoring means added value for all involved parties all the way to the end consumer.

We guarantee raw materials without genetic engineering and a gapless control of the entire production chain.



1. Regionality – from our farmers
Today, 315 Austrian farmers cultivate wheat, rye, spelt, pumpkin seeds, seeds and spices for Resch&Frisch. The farmers are partners and subject themselves to the strict quality controls

2. Traceability
Every field, every silo, every mill and every production site is registered in a database. This way, the exact path of a product can be traced at all times.

3. Gapless control
Every raw material delivery is checked for fulfilment of the strict quality criteria.

4. GM-free
The seeds are monitored by the Austrian Agency for Health and Nutritional Safety (AGES).

5. Guaranteed Austrian
The grain is stored separately in grain silos according to types and only ground in selected mills – mixing of different or GM contaminated flour is excluded.

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