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Raw material politics

What does raw material politics mean for Resch&Frisch?

The Resch&Frisch raw materials selection is guided by our in-house basic principle and knowledge that only high-quality raw materials can create high-quality bread and cakes. Following the AMA (Agrar Markt Austria)-quality seal guidelines, the following criteria are especially important:


1. Defined quality:
Basis for the high raw material quality is a close cooperation with the suppliers. Resch&Frisch prefers qualified suppliers that provide evidence and information about the topics hygiene management, good production process, HACCP and own inspections by certifications, supplier audits reps. self evaluation. 

2. Transparent origin:
It is necessary for Resch&Frisch raw materials that information is provided regarding the  Origin of the products. According to raw materials specification the land of origin resp. origin shall be listed. To provide consumer expectations, logistic advantages and ecologic services, raw materials from the region of Austria are preferred.

Animal products (eggs, milk, and cheese products) must correspond to the European resp. Austrian animal protection regulations. Regarding the used animal products, the following safeties of origin shall be met: Eggs and egg products from farming method "Farm" according to AMA quality seal guidelines, milk and cheese products with origin Austria according to AMA quality seal (exceptions for products not produced in Austria).

3. Independent controls:
Resch&Frisch commits to controls on three levels:
House internal own controls are the basis. A strict incoming goods control shall ensure that only the raw materials defined regarding quality and origin are used. This assurance is guaranteed by accordingly trained personnel.
The second pillar is the external controls by the accredited control office "BIOS" for the areas AMA quality seal guideline for processed products, "Consumption – with safety!" standard and guideline for the definition of the production of food without genetic engineering.
The third pillar is the annual external AIB Hygiene and Food Safety Audit.

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