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Resch&Frisch – The bakery products original


Josef Resch, Eigentümer und Geschäftsführer Resch&Frisch Gruppe


From a small suburban bakery to an internationally active company

„Innovation is only if you go where no one else is yet!“
Josef Resch, owner and manager Resch&Frisch-group.



Resch&Frisch – The Company

Resch&Frisch - Das Backwaren-OriginalThe company founded in 1924 developed from a small suburban bakery to an internationally active company and ranks third among the Austrian bakery products producers. The invention of the Resch&Frisch-System (1988) revolutionized the bakery products market.
1.097 employees are active for the brand Resch&Frisch today.
As a bakery products specialist the company produces the entire assortment from classic bakery products and bread to fine pastries and cakes as well as snacks, pizza and diet products according to the Resch&Frisch-system and sells these products in three market segments in currently four countries.


Resch&Frisch – The brand


Marke "Resch&Frisch - Das Backwaren-Original"The brand "Resch&Frisch – The bakery products-Original" has already become synonymous for fresh out of the oven bakery products. Baking goods fresh out of the oven has become indispensible for gastronomy and the end consumer.

Resch&Frisch – the philosophy

Resch&Frisch - Familienbetrieb in dritter Generation

- Family business in third generation since 1924
- Leading Austrian baking products specialist
- Top 3 of the Austrian baking products producers
- Quality leader in the Premium-Segment
- Target group adequate solutions for all customers
- Commitment to local raw material politics – own quality assurance system "Pleasure – with safety!"

Roswitha a. Josef Resch with son Georg

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